Thoughts about a future past




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Multiculturalism represents one more opportunity to understand the real problems of spiritual heritage in other countries of the world. If we remain trapped in our own spiritual resources, we will forever lose the opportunity for a deeper understanding of universality, through all that it would represent, whether in art, literature, or historical phenomenology.
Ruby Garín Duque (Duque de Garín, pseudonym dedicated to her mother), was born in November of 1976 in Santiago of Chile. Her vision about the world and life was shaped by the prudence and discipline of the Catholic School of Santiago. Perhaps a simple glance toward the window, during the hours spent in school, was enough to regain its necessary spiritual balance, a sincere promise of some tangible signs, which could be a new path for some spatial elements, so Relatives during their childhood.
What could have created this deep connection with her space? The top of some trees, the clouds inflicting her imagination, the verticality in neogothic pure style. All these elements represent her flight to herself, trying to find a balance between the outside world and her own one. Taking note of her painting skills, her mother had convinced to take part at artistic workshops, where she had realized her first connection with this technique, dimensions and proportions, landscape construction, in which the play of light and shadow, three-dimensionality and the planes in the painting were the foundation of his future techniques. Without these first contacts, she would not have been able to progress in her own outbreak as an artist.
At age of 19, she worked in an art gallery in Santiago, alternating her professional studies of Interior Decoration. Thus, she had the opportunity to know the artistic world of the city and other regions. In this environment she took contact with art critics, poets, writers, musicians and artists who could express their own ideas and creations, which had a positive impact and definition of her future way.
Later, she has organized itinerant galleries in different cities of the country, making contact with several artists and their works. She immediately understood what's the trend in painting, giving shape to her own road map.
In the life of each person there is a time when he will meet the mentor for the first time. In this case the teacher Manuel Gómez Hassan is the one who will guide her to find her way and the proper coordinates of her own vision in composition and expression, considered the point of weight of her initiation in this area, in which she will need the experience and vocation of an artist recognized in the Chilean art media.
Very soon, she was able to create various criteria of painting, from landscape, portraiture and expressionism.
She currently lives in Barcelona and is ready to provide once again the validity and importance of multiculturalism in this wonderful place, where art and life are so deeply connected.
For Duque de Garín, art is not an end in itself, but the most beautiful way of communicating. In this area of ​​the arts, where spaces become volumes and colors, she wants to express a vision about the cross between her world and the world around her.